Dee Dee's Custom Choir and Pulpit Robes

designed with Homestead
Choir Robes
(to the left)
This is a versatile design, that allows a change in the appearance by the different color combinations.
With a front seperating zipper opening, two pleats on each side, soft gathers in the  back and a stand up collar.
Your choice of sleeves makes this a good design for your choir.
(A)  Has a contrasting yoke front and back,
      with sleeve inserts.  A color contrasted
      removeable sash is also included.

(B)  Has a permanent two color sash on
the left side.

(C)  Has a detachable collar, round in front
      with a long V in back and a tassel accent.

Removeable Sash- This robe can be worn four different ways, so as to give excitement
to any group.
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