Dee Dee's Custom Choir and Pulpit Robes

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About Us
With 30 years of experience as a professional seamstress, 
in April of 1992, I had the opportunity to start my own business.
By what I now see, was Divine direction, I got into the robe business.
My Pastor wanted a robe like the choir "outfits". He gave me one of his robes, to see if I could make it.  After several hours of "painstaking" attempts, I had created a robe that he said fit better than the original.
I got the "fever"!   
After making several other patterns and designs, going to numerous
church conventions, my business has grown abundantly.  
Most of my business is done through the mail.  
I have references from several choirs available upon request.
If you have further questions about us or the business,  please e-mail us at:

or call 1-580-252-1224
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