Dee Dee's Custom Choir and Pulpit Robes

The Product
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We make a custom robe to fit your individual need.  We use mostly 100% textured Polyester crepe fabric, that is machine washable.  Some of the trims that we put on the robes, need to be dry cleaned, so we put a "DRY CLEAN ONLY" label on our robes.
We have several designs and styles to choose from, or you may design your own robe.
We work closely with your minister or choir so that the finished design will meet your needs and be the product of your desire.
If you like the design of one robe and the sleeves of another we will interchange them .
You choose your color and logo. 
We have several monograms to choose from, or you can put your own logo on them.
My prices are negotiable.  The more you order the better the price break.
If time permits, we will send you a sample robe, in your colors, with your logo on it.  You have 7 to 10 days to look it over and decide if you want to use us.

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